[Clip-sub] Nana to Kaoru OVA

Person 1: Sometimes we need to do smth for everyone to realize that in the beginning Clip-sub is an fuvking pervert Ecchi fansub, huh?

Person 2:  Not only in the past, we still sub some random Ecchi-stuff at the moment. Not sure about the future, but Clip-sub is always Clip-sub, the Leading Sickos Fansub!

For somebody who’re worried about CS’s future:  Just relax,  calm your brain and roll your “rod” Btw, guest who the fuvk we are?!”

Nội dung: Kể về một thằng bệnh hoạn và một con cũng bệnh hoạn nốt thích chơi trò S&M với nhau

Thành viên tham gia Project:

Translator: Ép U Xê Ka (Oh Yeah)

ED Translate: Invincible_Dark_Thunder (a.k.a Thánh Thunder)

Editor: Invincible_Dark_Thunder

Typesetter: Ép U Xê Ka

Quality Checker: Invincible_Dark_Thunder

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