[Clip-sub] Astarotte no Omocha! – 03 [HQ ver.]

Sorry for the delay :uong: Because of some irresistible reasons so I cant release this loli-without-pantsu-show on time, but I promise that next ep will be done ASAP :uong: I’m not going to drop this series, so dont worry and continue enjoying these delicious lolis with our translations :uong:

Download links:

MU Ep 03 (HQ)

MF Ep 03 (HQ) – Part 01 ………. Part 02

8 Replies to “[Clip-sub] Astarotte no Omocha! – 03 [HQ ver.]”

  1. What a mean-minded omnivorous woman, she always trolls me, although she knows how speedy our translator and me are. Just STFO and masturbate with your sex animations

  2. Thk for sub . Nhưng mình thấy anime này có vẻ không hay bằng truyện rồi , sửa cốt truyện với mấy ecchi scene nữa . Xem thêm mấy tập nữa xem có đột phá không thì chắc drop không xem nữa

    Any way , arigatou again :D

  3. Talk less and do more !
    Prove us you’re not something like ” hope was stolen” !

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