11 Replies to “[Clip-sub] Astarotte no Omocha! – 04 [HQ ver.]”

  1. Defending my ass, I had a lot of important works to do than waiting my ass off for you . Btw, at 6:40 I checked my MF account, and I didnt find anything about Lotte, fuck you lying woman!

  2. 7 hours are too enough for you to spilt file and upload to MF, why do you have to wait for me ! Stop defending yourself and accept the truth that you’re lazy woman !

  3. Fuck you omnivorous woman, i gave you the MU link at noon, and till 7:00 you hadnt replied at all, now you tell me “lazy”, just quit trolling, you troll

  4. Lol, maybe you guys forgot one thing : I’m Quality Checker of this project ! So I know what and when he gonna do =)) !
    Btw, updated MF link . What a lazy woman =)) !

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