15 Replies to “[Clip-sub][SS] Beelzebub – 42”

  1. Okie, that’s no problem. When the opening was be change, we will share this karaoke effect to you. But you have to give me your mail or yahoo messenger to send it… and one thing… you must remind me when this project have new opening…

  2. oya oya,…..

    if this project was done,…
    i mean the opening was be change

    can i get k-effect from clip-subss,…..

    i want to be high as your
    but i’m still young,…


  3. I don’t know other project but our project beelzebub, we have one man write karaoke effect. He just borrow the function on the net.. and we can’t share karaoke effect until we complete project…

  4. OI,…….

    one of your fans,…..

    I’m sorry because i use english,,…. but

    can you tell me where you get karaoke effect,…
    it’s so importan for me,…

    because I fansub too
    I translate in other language,….

    please reply at english,…..


  5. OMG. Từ hôm Ep 35 đến giờ, ko có time onl luôn, mãi mới onl đc, nản vãi. Đã ra đến Ep 42 rùi :D. Thanks bạn Dark nhìu nhé, luôn ủng hộ CS hết mình :)

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